Saturday, 2 October 2010

Sym-Biotic Titan

Sym-Biotic Titan is a new animated series created Genndy Tartakovsky and airing on Cartoon Network. After first two episodes, I have to admit, I haven't been this much excited about a cartoon since forever!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Etrian Odyssey III

I've never played the previous two, but this is awesome. All classes look useful, tons of skills, half the characters are little girls, some of them are deliciously brown, music is uplifting, exploring and drawing maps is just as fun as running into unknown monsters who just tear your shit leaving your little columbuses in body bags.
God, Earth needs to turn slower so I'd have more time to play this.

Dragon Age 2 gameplay video

Hahaha oh wow. It's like I'm watching a jRPG. Just needs more belts and zippers, oh and the sword should be at least 30% bigger.

Not that I liked the previous one with its narrow one way corridors with "forest" and "desert" backgrounds.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Installing Daibanchou -Big Bang Age-

This is the game I'm currently preoccupied with: Daibanchou -Big Bang Age- made by AliceSoft.
Like their other famous game, Sengoku Rance, Daibanchou is a turn based strategy/eroge hybrid, offering many hours of playtime.
Thanks to recently completed english translation patch the game is now gaining interest with western gamers and thus making newbies raise many annoying questions, such as "where do I get the game?", "how do I patch it?", "why it's not working?", "how do I sex with the ladies? ;_;".
Being such a great guy myself, I've decided to write a short guide of how to install and patch Dibanchou -Big Bang Age-.

Hello World!

Good day gentleman. This blog is my little diary where I'll be keeping notes, guides, reviews, previews, and semi-comprehensible ramblings about, but not limited to, Japanese and western animation, video games, software and other useful-or-not stuff I happen to find in this World Wired Webonetsphere.
Nothing too serious, though. As we happen to know the most serious matters in the word are solved while chewing bubblegum and cracking one-liners.
Yeah, you know who I'm talking about.